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How to create one-page menu

Just follow these steps:

1) Create your Home Page using Pages > Add New screen

2) Add several sections using Page Builder

3) Assign unique section ID using Section Settings for all created sections

4) Save Home Page and go to Appearance > Menus screen

5) Create two menus (one of them will be assigned to your Home Page and second will be used for inner pages like Blog Posts, Page 404 etc)

6) Add menu elements using Custom Links Metabox. Fill section ID in URL field, Link Text and press Add to menu button. Repeat this step for all of your Home Page Sections.

Important! All section IDs should have # character in the URL field for Home Page Menu

7) Save your Home Page Menu and edit Inner Pages Menu

8) As on step #6, add menu elements using Custom Links Metabox, the only difference will be following thing: you should add / character at the start on URL, for example:

First Section For Home Menu looks like this: #home, for inner menu it looks like this /#home

Again, the difference:

9) If your Home Page menu contains some links to another pages (not home sections) check "One-page external menu element" for these elements

10) Save menu and go to Manage Locations tab, assign here created Home menu and Inner Pages menu

11) Edit your Home Page and enable One Page navigation in a Page Settings metabox